You Know You’re A Pregnant Diabetic When…..

  • You consider that you should get shares in the company that makes Lucozade. And glucose tablets.
  • You have spots of blood all over the top of your bed sheets from all those middle of the night tests
  • 3.8 is no longer considered a low blood sugar. But 6.5 is “Holy crap! High!”
  • Hospital receptionists are on first name terms with you…. And check you in when they see you coming, before you even open your mouth to give your name
  • You ask about the baby’s abdominal circumference before almost anything else at the scan, and you think more about what they will weigh when they’re born than which sex they are.
  • You see blood glucose numbers in your dreams
  • You look for pockets in maternity trousers, so you have somewhere to stash your pump
  • You just about see your toes, but you can’t see where you are putting your infusion sets and CGM sensors
  • You refill your Humalog prescription at least twice as often as before. And your pump seems to keep running empty far too quickly
  • You share your bed with not only a bump and a maternity pillow, but endless discarded test strips and crumbs from treating midnight lows

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