Other Second Trimester Goodies

While all is pretty quiet on the diabetes front, the second trimester is throwing up a couple of other issues. Most of them I’ve sort of been expecting.

The hair is not dropping out of my head anywhere near as much as it does out of my non-pregnant head. Sadly this is not evidenced by thicker, more lustrous locks, but purely by the lack of hair in the plug hole and all over the bedroom floor, especially in the vicinity of the hairdryer. Ian is very thankful for both of these things. I’m kind of sad that my hair isn’t visibly thicker though, and concerned that when this hair does fall out, it will look visibly thinner instead.

On another hair related note, I’ve started to have trouble taming that other area of hair.

You know the one.

You do know the one.

You are not going to induce me to call it by any of the ridiculous names that pop up on internet forums. No, you won’t.

You know, like “lady garden”.

Damn it. Ridiculous!

Anyway. Yes. I’m having a little trouble visualising what I’m doing down there. Of course this means that I also don’t know if I’ve done a wonky job, so I’m going with out of sight, out of mind. I’m a little reluctant to go for a professional wax as so many people have warned me how much more that can hurt during pregnancy. And it hurts enough when I’m not pregnant! We’ll see how I feel about it when I’m approaching the part of pregnancy where that part of my body will become fair game for examination by a variety of medical professionals.

A final hair related point is one that I wasn’t expecting. The hair on my legs has stopped growing pretty much entirely, which is great news as far as I’m concerned. I can be… how can I put this…. a bit lazy, about getting rid of leg hair. I hate doing it, so I tend to put it off. Not having to do it is bliss. Shame that the, ahem, lady garden (!!!) has not been subject to the same effect really. I’ve no idea what’s caused it. Google suggests that it means the baby is a girl. Something to do with hormones. However, it also suggests it’s a boy. Again, something to do with hormones. I’m guessing that the baby is a baby, and something about the hormones involved in growing him or her is causing my leg hair not to grow. So there.

Something else that I have been expecting has finally arrived with a vengeance. Heartburn.

I suffer from reflux at the best of times. So it’s not much wonder that a baby pressing in to my stomach is exacerbating the problem. I’m now glugging Gaviscon like it’s going out of fashion and just hoping that it doesn’t get too much worse.

Unfortunately the heartburn has brought along its friend: insomnia. The heartburn itself is keeping me awake at night, but I’m also starting to struggle to get comfortable in bed with both lying on my front and lying on my back (my favoured positions) now out of the question. Flangelina also seems to think that night time is party time, and as soon as I climb in to bed he or she starts dancing around in there. I really, really hope that this doesn’t mean they will be a night owl after the are born as well.

That’s about it for now. I’m still getting ever rounder and more ungainly. I have to check myself before trying to squeeze through gaps, and my feet are starting to get difficult to reach. But I’m acutely aware that there is a lot more growth to come. Just hopefully not of the hair variety.


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