One Year

There are times in all of our lives that we’d rather forget had ever happened. Moments that can be happily consigned to the deepest recesses of our minds without ever being retrieved again.

But then, there are moments that we wish we could hang on to without any of the clarity of the original reality diminishing. Feelings we wish we could bottle up, so that they could be re-released, just as fresh as when we first felt them. Memories that we don’t want to blur around the edges and begin to fade, like the sepia photographs of yesteryear.

I’ve experienced a good share of happiness in my life. I’ve achieved as much as I ever dreamed possible and I have a string of occasions stored in my mind that reflect those things. If I could pick just one moment, one set of memories from my life, to hold on to in that way, it would be a tough pick. But here is one strong contender.

Ian is just one person in the world, but to me, he is the whole world. One year ago, he became my husband. It’s something I never want to forget, for as long as I live.

And fortunately, even without the aid of photographs, the day remains crystal clear. Our excited preparations in the morning. Travelling to the church in a stretched classic VW Beetle. Walking down the aisle on my dad’s arm, laughing and crying simultaneously, to meet my husband-to-be. Exchanging our vows and exchanging rings. Being showered with confetti and toasted by our friends and relatives. Escaping for a precious bit of time together, and some special pictures. Eating magnificent food and making a speech that I’d only prepared the night before. Cutting the cake we’d designed, to match all the stationery we’d spent hours making ourselves. Dancing with my dad. Dancing with my husband. Walking in to the night together, to our hotel around the corner, and being clapped and cheered by random strangers in the street.

Some of the most magical moments of both our lives.

And our wedding  proved to be a fitting start to a fabulous year.

Today, I love my husband even more than I did one year ago. I never believed that would be possible.

So much has changed in our lives already since then. And we’re just on the cusp of the biggest change yet.


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