The Most Comfortable Jeans in the World

I’m one of those girls that struggles to find jeans that fit me really well. I have pretty big hips and thighs, relative to a fairly small waist. Jeans that fit well on the hips are often left gaping around the back of my waist. Jeans that would probably nip in at my waist beautifully, I struggle to get over my thighs. And when I find some that fit well, there is a reasonable chance of them being too long, too short or in a style that I just don’t like!

Comfy jeans that fit well and look good are precious things to me. It’s a good job that denim is hard wearing and my weight doesn’t tend to fluctuate much, since when I find a good pair, I want to hang on to them.

So the thought of needing a whole new wardrobe to accommodate my expanding girth is not exactly one that fills me with joy. Nice elegant wrap tops, and lovely long, drapey tunics I can do. But Jeans have been worrying me.

So I was totally shocked this weekend, on my first foray in to the maternity sections of several stores, to find the most comfortable, well fitting pair of jeans I think I have ever owned. Of course, the wide jersey band at the waist gets rid of any waist fitting issues, so I was free to find a pair that fitted beautifully on the hips and bum. And I’m left wondering why women don’t wear maternity jeans all the time They adapt to every curve. There are no awkward button or inflexible waist bands to cut in when you’re slouching at the end of a long day.

When this pregnancy is over, do I have to pack my maternity jeans away in the loft?


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