Oopsie… Look What We Bought

I’ve not done tremendously well at sticking to the “not buying too much too soon” idea. 

It was supposed to be a few small items until the twenty week anomaly scan. A few cute sleep suits and a cuddly toy, kind of small items. Which does not at all explain how we today came to buy a car seat for the unborn baby. And worse…. A car seat for the car that we don’t yet own.

I could blame it on pregnancy induced madness, but I do actually have my reasons.

Although I’d decided that I wasn’t going to be buying until after twenty weeks, I absolutely was planning to do lots of browsing and lots and lots of research. Car or no car, I knew that we’d need a car seat. Virtually all hospitals I the UK will not allow you to leave the premises with a new born unless they are in a suitable car seat or you can safely get home by other means. Putting our new born in a pram and taking them home on the bus, whilst technically possible, is not particularly appealing. And hospital requirements aside, if our brand new precious bundle is going in a car, I want them to be as safe as possible.

So knowing we’d need a car seat, it was a good item on which to focus my research. Lots and lots of reviews and safety testing to read through. It was easy to narrow down the models that came out best in the safety tests, and from there pick out models that got good reviews from other parents. And pretty soon, I knew exactly which car seat I wanted us to get. I even decided which colour way I wanted it in, because it was a good gender non-specific design which would be good not only if we don’t find out the sex of this baby, but also for using with a potential sibling in future who may be of a different gender. (But let’s get this pregnancy safely concluded, before we go too much further with that train of thought!)

The problem came from choosing the colour way. Because I then discovered from the manufacturer’s website that the colour was being phased out. Cue a mad scramble to see how available it still was online. And then of course I found a really good deal price from a reputable high street retailer.

It was one of those “too good to miss” opportunities. I figured it might be foolish to buy a big piece of equipment so early on, but it could be equally foolish to let both the good price, and the seat I wanted, go.

So that’s how car-less parents-to-be came to own an infant car seat.

And as for the car – it’s in the pipeline. We didn’t need a car when we lived in central London, and even now with the mainline station less than ten minutes away, two supermarkets within walking distance and good links to shops and other amenities locally, we don’t totally need a car. But we do want one, if only for convenience, and we are looking.


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