Everyone’s a Little Bit Pregnant

There is a funny thing about trying to get pregnant. It turns out that, as far as the medical establishment is concerned, all women are a little bit pregnant every single menstrual cycle.

That’s because pregnancy is dated from the first day of your last period, which means that you are classed as pregnant before your ovary even releases the egg that will eventually be fertilised and go on to develop in to your baby. So a woman who has a textbook 28 day cycle, and ovulates on day 14 of that cycle, is already two weeks pregnant when she conceives! Since the dating of pregnancy is based on the myth that all women have 28 days cycles and ovulate on day 14, regardless of when you actually ovulate, your pregnancy will always be dated from two weeks before conception.

It’s an odd system, but the upside it that we get two of the forty weeks of pregnancy as a free bonus. By the time a home pregnancy test will reliably detect pregnancy at 14 days post ovulation, we’re already classed as four weeks pregnant. Just 36 weeks to go. It’s still a long time, but it’s 10% less time. And it means that there are nine four-week (lunar) months from that point until expected delivery. Or just eight real 4.5-week  calendar months. And that is better than suddenly considering pregnancy as TEN four-week months.

The finish line, it turns out, is a little bit closer than we think!


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