Dear Baby

You’re there. You’re really in there, inside me. And on Saturday, your Daddy and I saw you properly for the first time.

We’ve known that you were there for a little while. There was no doubting the second pink line from the moment it appeared. And definitely no doubting the digital test that spelled out the word “Pregnant”.

But I was so afraid that you might not still be there, nearly eight weeks later.

So when the sonographer pressed her little wand in to my stomach and you instantly appeared on the screen, I started to cry. Your little heart was fluttering away and I thought that mine would burst right out of my chest. You may have looked all grainy, in black and white, but we could see your nose and your lips. You were kicking your tiny legs and waving your perfect arms at us, as if you knew we were spying on you in there.

Baby, you are so, so wanted. We already love every tiny inch of you more than I can possibly find the words to describe. We’ve been waiting for you for a while. Now you’re inside me, and in just six months we’ll get to meet you.

Enjoy it in there little one, and grow big and strong. Only, not too big, OK kiddo? Because I’m doing everything I can to keep you safe.

Love always… from your Mummy


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