Cute Overload

I’m not in the least bit superstitious. I’m generally of the belief that if something is meant to be it will be. And I absolutely don’t subscribe to the idea that buying baby items automatically means that something will go wrong with the pregnancy. It’s just not going to make a difference.

On a practical level, though, I don’t see the point in kitting out an entire nursery too far ahead of time. I hope that we will be parents before the end of this year. But if not, I at least feel reasonably confident now that we will be parents one day. So any items we buy will get a use at some point in time. But, if something were to happen, I think having lots of baby items hanging around the house would just be an added insult to deal with. And since the chances of miscarriage are at their highest in the first twelve weeks, we made a decision that there were to be no baby items bought until after that first 12 week scan.

On the Saturday that we saw our baby for the first time, we went straight from the scan centre in to the town centre, and in to Mothercare.

Walking in to that shop was like cute overload. Already hormonal, and on a high from the scan, it was all I could do not to burst in to tears over all the little outfits, tiny socks, hats and scratch mitts, and little stuffed animals. Honestly, this stuff is so cute. There is just something about how small everything is. And knowing that we’re going to (hopefully) have our very own little thing to fit in to this stuff makes it even more exciting. Even Ian had to admit it!

I could quite easily have left with half the shop, but I’d imposed a strict limit on myself before we started and Ian was there to hold me to it. We were able to exclude all the gender specific stuff, which helped narrow our options down. We left with baby’s first cuddle toy. And these:

Cute sleepsuits

I keep holding them up and grinning at them. I just hope the little person inside me really does have those sentiments.


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